Have solar panels fully funded for you at no upfront cost! We will provide you with a FREE, non obligatory survey and tell you exactly how much money solar could make you!


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Beat Energy Prices with Solar

Thanks to the Government’s feed in tariff, you will receive money for every watt your solar panels produce. Any excess energy not used will be sold directly back to the gird. Generating income on a daily basis.

With our self-funding scheme, we will finance the panels for you, then use the money they generate to cover their cost. Leaving you with a substantial sum of money over the coming years. On average, you can earn up to £16,000 for the duration of your PV system’s life span.

As well as receiving money, you will also be contributing towards reducing your carbon footprint – a win-win! Book a free non-obligatory assessment with us today to find out how much you could make!

No More Bills
Produce energy yourself, no more electricity bills.
Earn Up To £16,000
You are the owner of the system, allowing you to get the full benefits of the Government's Feed In Tariff.
You are the owner of the system
It is not a "rent your roof" scheme. The system becomes totally your own!
Free Home Survey
We will give you a totally free, no-obligation survey to check your property's suitability.

Examples Of Our Installations

  • We had our solar panels installed earlier this year and the money we've saved so far is substantial.

  • The entire process was done within the same week, I can't believe how easy it all was.

  • The company was completely honest with how the scheme work. I've had my panels for two months and my energy bills have vanished!

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